Paper io 2 is a multiplayer. Io game created by Voodoo. The goal of the game is to capture land by producing complete loops with your snake. Total loops convert the area inside to your territory. It’s the sequel to the hugely popular

This second variant includes smoother gameplay and movements, and improved images. In addition, it includes new skins and respective diverse challenges.
If your tail is struck, your snake will perish. When chasing enemies, look for a weak point in their territory. Constantly watch out and guarantee they don’t creep upon you! In 2 — the next chapter of match inspired by and, you have charge of your paper and move it around the map to claim as much territory as possible for a chance of dominating the entire. You want to browse your way through the arena attentively, close loops subsequently shape a blob of your own color. Watch out for the competitions as they can take over your shapes and wipe you from the match by crossing over your line. You ought to use your skills with great approaches to overcome them until they do that to you. The goal in two would be to paint the whole arena with your colour. Very good luck!

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